Pakistan is a country where technology is being promoted for sharing the positive image of the country around the globe and to increase the economic growth. If we look back to economy of Pakistan in past years, there is no economic growth in term of technology. Now you can see the economic growth at a good level. When we talk about the technology, we are forced to think of those thing that doesn’t exist earlier but appeared once the advancement of technology. Through internet, knowledge is quite easy to be catch as world is acting as a global village. Through internet, many new businesses emerged which helps to provide services online and make possible to buy and sell products virtually. One of the online service is call center through which you can sell your product, provide your services by taking charges on each provided services. Therefore, in order to register your call center, first you need to register yourself with Security and Exchange commission of Pakistan (SECP) as company. Once your are done with company registration process with SECP, you are required to register your company in Pakistan Software Export Board (PSEB) for Call Center. When you are registered with PSEB, you are entitled to make calling around the country and provide your services or sell your online products. But there are restrictions in making International Dialing. For this, you will have to pay fee in State Bank of Pakistan (SBP) for gaining the facility of International Dialing.
Require Documents for Call Center
  • Registration form
  • Brief business profile on the company letterhead / printed and /or corporate brochure
  • Partnership/Company NTN
  • CNIC of all Directors/Partners
  • For SECP Registered Company
    • Attested copy of Memorandum
    • Articles Copy of Association and
    • Attested Copy of incorporation certificate
  • For Partnership based firms
    • Attested copy of Partnership deed
    • Attested copy of Firm registration certificate
  • Business Bank Account Letter/Certificate (In case of new account)
  • Copy of registration with State Bank of Pakistan (for international call centers only)