Step 1: Call center Campaign/client:

First of all, you need to find the client or call center campaign to initiate the business. We have often come across many people who prefer to establish their call center before winning a client/campaign. But the fact is, it’s not much beneficial except wasting time and money. While selecting the client/campaign, you should also make sure that their product/service is easy to sell over the phone and equally popular in the business industry.

Step 2: Finding Premises

The next major issue is to find the premises for your call centers. In order to do so, you need to find a small place or a room which is exactly according to your business requirement.

Step 3: Registration with Pakistan Software Export Board (PSEB)

PSEB Registration is essential for setting up your call center in order to operate legally in Pakistan. Every call center is required to fill out their call center registration form at the PSEB site and then send it back to PSEB along with necessary documents that include their company profile, Bank Statement, CNIC card, and NTN certificate etc. Furthermore, PSEB facilitates registered call centers with VoIP enabled internet along with whitelisted IP.

Step 5: Call center staff

Next step is to look for skilled and qualified HR and other staff members for your call center. You may find professional people on different job sites and LinkedIn. You have two simple options to consider, whether you can hire highly experienced professionals or to choose fresh staff who is passionate to work in rotating shifts. You should also control employees’ retention because sometimes it looks hard to retain your employees and customers because of the inefficiency of the system or software.

Step 6: Equipment

Choosing equipment for your call center is another major thing to consider, you can set up some significant equipment like Furniture, laptops, computers, network cables, phones etc.

Step 7: Internet service providers:

Find the reliable Internet service providers who can help you maintain a strong and fast internet connection to run call center software smoothly.

 Step 8: Call center Software

Every inbound and outbound call center business needs the call center software in order to perform their operations intelligently. For this purpose, they can contact call center solution providers who can provide them the hosted software like VICIDial and Goautodial, VoIP minutes, Consumer data and virtual number separately or alternatively choose hosted and managed call center solutions.

Don’t be confused if you have no idea about the software’s I mentioned above. Let me give you an overview of call center software:

  • VICIDial/ GoautoDial: Dialer is software which automates the overall process of dialing to the external phone numbers and also streamlines the process of lead management. They tend to minimize the call drops and offer more productive results. VICIdial and Goautodial are open source dialer software which is hosted on a server and requires complex configurations.
  • VoIP minutes: In order to run your dialer, you need to buy VoIP minutes from VoIP service providers, who can offer low-cost calling minutes.
  • Consumer data: Now the question is; after setting up the dialer and VoIP, who should we call to sell client products? Well, every call center needs to maintain a database with organized consumer data to approach their target market. Therefore, they need to buy the call center leads which are also called the consumer data.
  • Virtual number/DID: If you are running an inbound call center, or you need a number to coordinate with the client in US or UK, then you will need DID/Virtual number. These numbers allow call routing from the client’s country to your country. Customers see the incoming number from their local host country. So, DID number is separately purchased from DID providers.

The above-mentioned call center software is considered quite complicated to install and configure for a common person, therefore, some people tend to approach IT experts who help them to set up and configure this software. But, hiring these IT experts is a quite expensive­ solution for startups. The best alternative way is switching to the cloud-based call center solutions which are provided by only one company in Pakistan which is VoIP Terminator. They can remove the hassle of IT installation and expensive HR cost. You can simply consult their professionals who can set up your cloud-based call center within 20minutes.

Step: 9 Payment procedures:

The final step is to set up the convenient and reliable payment procedures. Most of the clients avoid using the services of those call centers who involve them in a complicated procedure. Hence, you can consider choosing 2checkout or standard bank wire system to ease the payment procedures.

 The Tip:

In the end, here is a tip for all the readers.  Do not spend all the funds on your initial call center setup expenditure. You must have a proper financial plan for at least 3 months of expenditure for your Call Center. We have seen many call centers that spend all their funds on the first setup and then later they don’t even have the amount to pay salaries to their employees.

If you have any question related to setting up your call center, you can consult VoIP for a fully managed call center solution.